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After building Jim's Furnace I just
HAD to build a bigger one.

So I'm calling it Deep Throat!  

So why "Deep Throat"? Well Jim's furnace can pour out about a gallon.
This one should be able to pour out a gallon and a half!
(I think that comes out to over 5 Liters.)

OK, I still keep it to just two Freon Tanks and cut the first one right at the top, right at the bend line. Then cut the second tank at the same point and then just below the weld seam.

This section will be the extension on the top of the first tank and the bottom piece will be the top of the furnace.

The hard part of this was aligning the two tanks as you know, no two are the same, I suppose it could have tack welded an inner band/collar to help fit the two sections together, but I opted to just clamp a section at a time and butt weld it.

I can tell you one thing for sure -- welding this thin gauge is a real challenge and a 200% weld is the norm.

Taking a step back, I forgot to say that I welded in all the reinforcing nails, (to hold the refractory in place), before I welded the extension on.... (otherwise I couldn't get my hands in deep enough)

Now I cut in the pour spout 4" wide and about 3" to 3-1/2" deep. Laying the tank down on the edge of the table, I use a heavy hammer to bend out the spout and put a sharp crease along the tank wall.

Using pieces cut from the second tank I made about a 3" extension to the spout and welded on side plates, then made the pivot point bracket for the top and welded that over the joint/seam.

Now on the back, because the tank is so tall and I can't have any flexing in the tank wall, I welded an extra long reinforcing plates, cutting slots in the plates, then welding thru those slots. This made the plate stronger/ more ridged. I then laid out a 6 bolt hole pattern and drilled to take 1/4" bolts. Using lock washers and nuts I locked them in place and welded the heads on the inside of the tank.

Now I cut a 5" X 5-1/2" X 12 gauge plate and hammer formed it to fit, then laid out and drilles the bolt holes, slotting the one side because of the curvature of the tank.

And Now it's on to Part #2
(Reinforcing bands/Pivot Points/Mounting the top)

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