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Part #2 Of The Building Jim's Furnace

Now we need some reinforcement to hold the refractory in place.
To do that we need some nails bent at 1". I used 3-1/2" nails from
my framing nail gun.

Now we need to reinforce where the pour handle goes, so I cutout a couple of sections
from the second tank to fit and welded it in place.

I then laid out and drilled the bolt hole pattern and welded 1/4"-20 X 1" bolts on the inside.

I then took a piece of 12 ga. and hammered to fit the shape of the tank. Laid out and drilled
the bolt holes. (Note: Because of the curved plate one side needs to be slotted.)

The handle is 1/2" X 1" about 30" long then bent about 5" up from the end and welded in
place while the plate to still bolted to the tank.

I did the top (Lid) the same way but with only 2 bolts and just beveled the end of the tube
instead of a bent end.

As you can see I did basically the same for the tank's pivot tubes.

For the pivot point of the lid, I simply bent a piece of the 1/8" X 3/4" into a "U"
shape with the outside legs at 2-1/2 to 3" and welded it to the bottom and the
sides of the pour spout. (Make sure your bends are square to the bar and to
measure each side so the bracket is square to the tank.)

I then cut 2 bars, clamped them together, then ground / shaped and drilled,
so they would be a matched set when welded to the top lid.

And now onto Part #3 of Jim's Furnace

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